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Dried Flowers Bookmark

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Inspired by European literature and Dark Academia aesthetics, Tino has released a brand new type of bookmark with baby branches of (real) dried flowers. This bookmark is subtle and delicate without any noisy decorations, sparkles, decorative letters and is beautiful when put between the pages of your books.

The string is made from twirled paper, environment friendly. (Real) dried flowers inside has the eggshell white color, were NOT ink dyed in the process.

This floral bookmark will be a perfect pair for your next #BookTok clip, along with a good book! Suitable as a separate gift or personal, durable momento.



• Dimension: 14 x 2.5cm (this size is for the bookmark without the string)
• Thickness: 0.2cm (not too thick or too thin, avoid creating folds onto the pages)
• Material: Resin
• Edges are polished to avoid any scratches when you hold or use
• Bookmarks are not a magnifying glass, do not have the effect of magnifying text in books like a magnifying glass



• Each bookmark will have different dried flower placements, types of flower or their colors. We only ensure the general whiteness of the flower but they will be unique to their own being.
• You can drop by our store location in District 1, Ho Chi Minh city to choose directly.
• We also make sure the flowers are in good quality and durable.

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